Thoughts, musings, and just plain old commentary coming your way....
I've grown tired of many of the liberal and conservative talking heads, time
for some fresh thoughts and perspectives.

I don't by any means consider my thoughts the final say on any issue (okay, I
do consider them the most correct). However, what is seriously lacking is any
real discussion of issues.

I'm not trying to get elected, not looking for a job (write me if you have a
sweet offer though), not looking to make millions of dollars (okay, maybe a
few would be nice), just trying to make sense of this crazy world out here in
the wilderness.

The future belongs to my grandchildren, and their children yet to come. Unless
we can overcome the problems we face today, their future does not look very
bright. We owe them more. While some are content to let them solve the
problems later, I believe that would be an injustice. Some problems will
certainly not be solved in my life time or theirs, but we owe it to them to try.
Anything less is selling out their future.

My writings will not be about the good old days, hopefully those days are yet to
come. Besides, the "good old days" can be scary when lifted from the fog. In
addition, many of the problems and issues we face are not really new, they
have been around forever in some cases. The way we respond to and deal with
them today and tomorrow is what is important.

Of course that said, we do need to have a sense of history in order to look
forward and find solutions. Name calling will never solve problems. Hate will
never solve problems. Everyone has at least something they can bring to the
table in order for there to be a brighter future for all. If you are unable to see
that already, open your eyes and heart and look around, change must come,
and it comes first from within. As Ghandi once said, "We must be the change
we wish to see in the world." So here I am, reaching out, speaking out, looking
for that change and that brighter future for all current generations, and those
generations yet to come....
From the Wilderness
OPa Infinity

(Yes, that is my "nom de plume." Pen name for those with a thing against French)
Never abandon hope. We stand between the light and the dark, and work to keep the balance
between the two.

Ignorance, fear, hate; these are our enemies. Deny them in every way, or you will surely fail. Be
true to yourself and others.

Live in the present, remember and learn from the past, but do not fear the future. Everything we
do changes and impacts what will come, the future has yet to be written.

Belief in one specific deity, or the belief in a deity at all, is not the only path to morality, kindness,
compassion, and humanity. They are found within us all, if we let them lead our heart and mind.